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Re: [APD] Re: Needling Valves and Hawking Hokes et al

Hmmm, wellhe can use diffusers but he certainly doesn't
need them ;-) 

After all, diffusers are relatively inexpensive once you've
decided you don't want to inject into an existing canister
or powerhead intake virtually for free. They're also good
for folks that like to take things out and soak them in
bleach every once in a while.  ;-)  And they are are
moderately efficient at getting CO2 into the water. 

An alternative -- mind you I didn't say the only one -- is
to get the CO2 equipment out of the tank -- a mixing
chamber (or what the at-a-loss-for-small-words folks call a
*REACTOR*) can be made for a few bucks and a little time --
and not much dexterity is required:


Btw, neither Dave nor Hudson nor I make a penny on these --
and I didn't design the things or make the pictures and I'm
not even connected with the website -- I only bring them up
because they're  inexpensive, 100% efficient, out of the
tank, and easy to make.

--- Dave Gomberg <dave1 at wcf_com> wrote:

> First, you do NOT need a manifold or anything very
> expensive.   You need:
> A CO2 cylinder and a regulator (bet you have these)
> One master needle valve
> One trimmer valve and one diffusor per tank
> The master needle valve should be Fabco NV-55 or better
> The trimmer valves can be most anything, I happen to like
> the Fabco.
> The diffusors should be the kind you like, I like Eheim
> sintered glass
> I sell valve and diffusor for $50 or 6 sets for $200.  
> Let me know if I 
> can be of assistance.
> The system I am recommending above does not need a
> manifold.
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> wcf dot com
> http://www.wcf.com/co2iron for low cost CO2 systems that
> work!
> 500th System Sale: 6 Fabco needle valves and 6 Eheim
> diffusors
>   Regularly $300 postpaid, now $200 postpaid   Gas those
> other tanks!
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