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[APD] Re: Needle valves

--- James Purchase <jppurchase at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> Way back on February 12th, I posted a question for the
> technical gurus on 
> CO2 equipment. Not one person seemed to notice, as I
> never got any 
> responses. Either all of the knowledgable people had left
> the list, or I was 
> being ignored. (the title of the message was "Needle
> Valve / Metering Valve 
> for CO2").
> > 
> Thanks,
> James Purchase
> Toronto

Clippard works well, but Dave had a deal on 6 of the fabco which are nicer and worth the Cost difference with about 6 extra $ for them vs the clippard.

I've used the clippards for over 10 years without issue, but the Fabco appear to be nicer and easier to adjust.
If you want to spend more, the Nupro are nice.

I would suggest buying the 1/8" brass Tees and thread male connectors at the local hardware stores, DIY them on.

I think Dave has 6 for 100$ so that's 16.66$ ea, not bad and the shipping is better/easier than Clippard.
Get an extra and you can add on all you need.

I've used multiple valve systems and made my own(they were simply not available and few thought to use them back then) for many years now.

Longer ines, over 15ft should use good thick quality CO2 specialty line.

Both Barbed ends are useful for the tank dosing, and a main valve for the main tank control down step for the pressure. You don't need 15-20psi running through the lines, that's a leak waiting to happen.

2-3psi is better, having the valve at each tank makes adjusting the rate much easier.
Alternatively you can have a bubble counting off the regulator for each line.

Then run your lines to each tank.
I prefer the tank location for the valve.

Clippards: 11$ plus a fair amount for shipping(cost per unti falls as you buy more QTY)
Fabco: Decent Quality, easy to get and ship  16.66$
Nupro, better quality, you will never need more than this: 38$ plus shipping.

If you feel the need to pay more, please send me some of your $ and get one of these.
All will do the job.

Tom Barr


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