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[APD] Cloudy Water

Ok, so I was horribly lazy the other day and decided that instead of
carefully washing my fluorite gravel like I know I should I would just put
it in my new tank and use my python to clean it.  So I added water, cleaned
the gravel (I can't believe how muddy and dirty it actually was) and
repeated this several times.  When I thought I had done a decent job washing
it I filled the tank.  It was slightly muddy looking, but I thought it would
be OK once I turned on the filter (fluval with carbon, peat and biomax).
The filter has now been running for 24 hours and it is so cloudy that I can
barely see the back of the tank (12 inches!).  I also noticed while planting
some plants that every time I disturb the gravel I get a nice cloud in the
water.  Any suggestions?  Will time fix this or did my laziness curse me to
have to empty and reclean this gravel?  I suppose someday I will learn....


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