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[APD] Re: Needle Valve / Metering Valve for CO2

Way back on February 12th, I posted a question for the technical gurus on CO2 equipment. Not one person seemed to notice, as I never got any responses. Either all of the knowledgable people had left the list, or I was being ignored. (the title of the message was "Needle Valve / Metering Valve for CO2").

Then, low and behold, Chris Hott expressed his frustration in finding a needle/metering valve, and he was getting answers. Hmmmm, maybe I ought to take my new dual stage CO2 regulator and go play in another sandbox.....

But all kidding aside, I really would like some input.

I'll be moving in a few months and want to be able to have one CO2 cylinder serve a number of tanks. I'll need a manifold to distribute the gas. As I said in my earlier post:

Aquabotanic sells a 4Plex Manifold which apparently has built-in needle valves. Could this be used down-stream from a higher quality metering valve to distribute CO2 to multiple aquariums? Or would I need separate metering valves for each additional aquarium?

So, what do you think? How good are the built in needle valves in this manifold? Or am I going to have to spring for separate Nupro/Hoke/Parker metering valves?


James Purchase

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