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Re: [APD] Probing Question

Terry Barber wrote:

Are most of you using CO2 addition with pH control - or just counting
bubbles?   I am adding compressed gas system this month and wonder if I
should "waste" the money on a pH controller..... and which pH controllers do
you  recommend?

Terry Barber

I use an electronic pH meter to monitor pH in realtime... but the same can be achieved with indicator solution and frequent tests unil you find the sweet point. I've been using bubble counts successfully for the last couple years. I am now considering a selenoid/controller system I might DIY by tapping the volatege reading manually off my meter,... but that's just me. The reason would be to trap unexpected rate changes due to room temperature effect on the needle valve. Either that or get a better needle valve which I currently believe is at fault.

If you do use a pH controller, there are runaway conditions that exist which could dump your c02 tank into your aquarium


- Chris.
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