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RE: [APD] Inverting CO2 tank


>Running an outlet tube up past the tank and putting the regulator on
the end of that is one way to keep the 
>regulator up above the tank.

> But hey, have you guys laid a tank down to see if what you are saying
is true? That the regulator freezes and 
> and the CO2 doesn't flow right, etc.?

> Try a little empircism; you might be surprised.

Scott, I did the experiment after you posted your post a few days ago.
I'm using a rented 6kg cylinder from BOC gasses.  I laid it on it's side
and was quite happy with it that way.

Last night it went BANG right around 2:53 am (the time is burned in my
brain).   The whole room with the fishtank was full of fog and I had to
open all the windows to get rid of the fog.

I think I'll trust the propellor heads from now on :-)


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