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[APD] Inverting CO2 tank

> S. Hieber wrote:
> >The frosting is from the rapid escape of the presurised
> >contents and doesn't really have much to do with the tank's
> >orientation.
> >
> >sh
> >
> >>I had around 300lbs left in my tank, so I took of the
> >>regulator and let
> >>'er rip. The bottom half of the tank frosted. From a dead
> >>sleep my two
> >>cats ran out of the house like bats outta hell from the
> >>noise.
> >>
> >>Whee waaah.
> >>
> >>Chris.
> >>
> Well, actually I believe it would. The frost line yes, is a direct
> result of the depressurization. The tank was left in the standing
> position and depressurized. The frost line appered from the liquid line
> and crept downward with it until the tank was empty, which makes sense.
> If the tank was upside down and the valve opened, the same would happen,
> but the frost line would move outward, towards the empty side of the
> container as the gas escapes. I do believe that liquid C02 might jet out
> of the valve however.
> So the effect is the same, there's just this notion of "right side up"
> that we have to contend with and is giving us all this trouble. If the
> tank were on it's 'side', valve 'upward' and pressure released, the
> frost line would appear horizontally across the tank and move 'down'
> until empty.
> So what kind of valve is used in space? The tank contents (if liquid)
> wouldn't conform to one side of the tank opposite the valve.
> - Chris.
  All this is true but the real question is: Can the CO2 tank be layed down
and still work.   No.  If the tank is inverted to the point where the liquid
CO2 is in able to escape through the valve, then it will escape, either all
over you or into you regulator.  Either way, you and your regulator will be
ruined because at 800+ psi and freezing temps.  A tank could be tipped
slightly but its hard to see how much CO2 is in a solid steel/aluminum tank.
Paint baller use them inverted all the time, haveing larger 5-10 lbs
cylinders with just a braided pressure line and the corret fitting to attach
to the small cylinders on the markers(guns) .  Turn tank so valve is at
bottom, attach to the cylinder and open valve.  Liquid CO2 will go fromthe
big tank to the small one.  They use little pocket scales to judge when the
small one is full.  HTH:)

Dennis Dietz

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