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[APD] Distorted leaves on Limnophila Aquatica

Getting distorted leaves on my Limnphilia Aquatica plant, instead of being all fluffy with thin branches they grow one thicker leaf almost like a Limnphilia Aromatic.
It's not Calcium, I've got hard water and snails shells are fine (did some egg shells and they took forever to disappear).
Looks like it was Potassium as I upped that and the leaves got better over time (took a long time though). Well I've got it again while still dosing what I think are large amounts of Potassium. Does anyone know of any special sensitivities this plant has? All my other plants are booming and the Limn is growing quickly as well but distorted.

Got a 85Gal, MH light (high), CO2 inj 20-30PPM tank. Weekly water change 50-75% (depending on pruning/cleaning) with three dowsing a week of KH2PO4, KNO3, K2SO4, MgSO4 and 20ml of TMG. The K dosings are approaching 1/2 a tsp and over for each of the doses, I dropped it down after the first cure but upping it as it came back. If it is K, what's the lag time between the plant getting more K and better leaves... the next set or two of new leaves? Maybe thinking boron now but thought the TMG would take care of that. Any ideas? I'm in Toronto Canada.. anyone know of some severe mineral shortages in the water :P


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