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Re: [APD] Where to find needle valve?

I use an "S" series nupro fine metering valve here in OZ.   It had to come
from the USA so must be easy to get over there.   It has plenty of
adjustment.   I got it from Air Liquide WA Pty Ltd here in Darwin and paid
$130 Australian dollars for it.    I know there may be better stuff out
there but that is what I could get here that was able to be connected to the
Australian system of gas delivery which is different to the gas bottle
valves in other countries.    The local du[pla dealer had to get a special
adapter so they could fill dupla gas bottles.   On my big ponds I use a
nupro "M" series fine metering valve which can almost be adjusted down fine
enough for an aquarium.    The fine metering valve is put in line after the
welding regulator that has its own flow meter.   I can send you a photograph
if you like.


On 18/2/2005 6:04, "Chris Hotte" <ecwh at cogeco_ca> wrote:

> I've asked this before I believe, and ended up going with one that would
> just get me up and running with C02 a couple years ago.
> Well I'm tired of it! This is a nightmare. It's just a brass welders
> valve and it has zero control in the range that we aquarist require. I
> brought up the room temperature by 2C the other day and left it
> overnight. My bubble rate increased, resulting in a CO2 increase of
> 10ppm. Adjusting the valve by 0.005 degrees, I've brought the rate down
> to 1bb/5sec and waiting for the PH to rise.
> ... off checking current status ...
> Well, I got the PH to rise .1 over the last 5 hours and CO2 back down to
> 35ppm.  Yes, I'm pushing the envelope.  This is why I need a new valve.
> It's hair sensitive. I need something with 50 turns to get the
> sensitivity I require. Fiddling with this thing to get the rate I want
> and having to monitor room temperature is a joke. If I fiddle too much
> attempting the perfect adjustment, I've induced heat through the brass
> knob and the bubble rate will drop with cooling. Hows that for sensitive?
> Help.
> - Chris.
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