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[APD] Where to find needle valve?

I've asked this before I believe, and ended up going with one that would just get me up and running with C02 a couple years ago.

Well I'm tired of it! This is a nightmare. It's just a brass welders valve and it has zero control in the range that we aquarist require. I brought up the room temperature by 2C the other day and left it overnight. My bubble rate increased, resulting in a CO2 increase of 10ppm. Adjusting the valve by 0.005 degrees, I've brought the rate down to 1bb/5sec and waiting for the PH to rise.

... off checking current status ...

Well, I got the PH to rise .1 over the last 5 hours and CO2 back down to 35ppm. Yes, I'm pushing the envelope. This is why I need a new valve.
It's hair sensitive. I need something with 50 turns to get the sensitivity I require. Fiddling with this thing to get the rate I want and having to monitor room temperature is a joke. If I fiddle too much attempting the perfect adjustment, I've induced heat through the brass knob and the bubble rate will drop with cooling. Hows that for sensitive?


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