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Re: [APD] Re: Orientation of CO2 Tank

Did that say how many days it would take for this freezing
to occur? It's been a few now and mine hasn't frozen. 

The liquid is the same temperature as the gas. The liquid
is at the same pressure. I doubt that it will freeze
anything. And if it did, that wouldn't be a cause for
venting, it would just mean that either the it plugs up
with ice until defrosted or would freeze at a given presure
setting. But there shouldn't be much moisture in the CO2
gas anyhow, so ice should not be forming anyway. If it
does, then you probalby need to have the inside flushed and
dried so that the water doesn't corrode the innards.

Scott H.
--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> > No. The CO2 tank contains both liquid CO2 and gaseous
> > CO2. When the tank is upright, the gas flows out of the
> > regulator. But if used on their side, liquid will flow
> > into the regulator, with bad consequences
> "Uh actuall not so, since the output pressure is the same
> either way, all you get is gas going "through" the
> regulator, i.e. through the metering orifice inthe
> regulator and through the lowpressure side of the
> regulator.
> If your CO2 is running, go turn the tank upside down and
> see what happens."
> I just got a refill on my CO2 cylinder and asked them
> what would happen. 
> They said that the mechanism inside the safety valve
> would freeze up and 
> then start venting gas. The safety valve is the brass
> nipple-looking thingy 
> with the holes drilled in it below and opposite the
> connection fitting.
> TW 
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