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Re: [APD] DIY reactors and bubble counters

ilyas aydemir wrote:

Hi to everybody from Turkey.
I did some DIY CO2 reactors from materials which are very easy to obtain.
I present you these easy-made overyielding active, passive reactors and bubble counter.

Neat stuff. I had at one point come up with a PVC column which I put inline with my power filter, but it ended up clogging up and being somewhat more trouble than it was worth. Now I just use a power head (fluval 301 with filter intake) and feed the tube into the filter column without media in it. The power filter breaks up the C02 and sends the small bubbles to the depths of the tank. Effectively it's a counter and diffuser in one. My dKH is 4.2 and PH 6.7 = 25ppm C02. The bubble rate is just 0.33bb/sec so it's not doing too bad of a job.

However, I think on the long term a passive reactor with a higher bubble rate would be cheaper to operate.

- Chris.

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