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Re: [APD] Re: NaHC03 and salinity

CaCO3 doesn't "throw off" KH readings, but it will change them - it raises both GH and KH, and works nicely with MgSO4 if you have very soft water. One thing about it is that it is barely soluble, so you need to kind of hide it when you dump it in.
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  Bill Warner wrote:

  > Any wine-making supply shop should have it.  For example...
  > http://www.thegrape.net/browse.cfm/4,10297.html<http://www.thegrape.net/browse.cfm/4,10297.html>
  > $6.19/1# bag
  > --Bill

  It would seem 1lb of calcium carbonate is much cheaper and likely just 
  as effective without throwing off KH readings.


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