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Re: [APD] pH test meter recommendations

>>> just checked on the net, My Hanna meters are the same as  pHep4. 
This meter has a proprietary type connector and is not compatible  with 
other probes. A local electronic whiz kid can modify it for you when  the 
time comes for standard probes with BNC connector.

The meter needs to be calibrated with small watch  screwdriver for 
pH 7 and 4.<<<<
I have the pHep 5 and it doesn't have to be calibrated with a screw driver  
it is automatic, you just put it in the solution in calibration mode and it  
calibrates itself.
The new ones are waterproof, they say they float but I didn't think I  needed 
to try that.
>>>While the Phep5 seems to be better but with integral probe. For  
casual use this should be OK but if anything happens to the probe, you will  
have to chuck it out!<<<<
The pHep 5 probe can be replaced if it goes bad, you don't have to replace  
the whole meter.

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