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Re: [APD] pH test meter recommendations


I just checked on the net, My Hanna meters are the same as pHep4. This meter has a proprietary type connector and is not compatible with other probes. A local electronic whiz kid can modify it for you when the time comes for standard probes with BNC connector.

The meter needs to be calibrated with small watch screwdriver for pH 7 and 4. The meters that I have are not water proof or resistant. You have to calibrate whenever you put in 2 new watch type batteries G13 / LR44. When moisture gets into these meters the readings go haywire. So if you buy this one, keep it in a dry place and the probe tip wet with a drop of water in the cap.

While the Phep5 seems to be better but with integral probe. For casual use this should be OK but if anything happens to the probe, you will have to chuck it out!

If you are buying a separate probe, Phoenix is my favorite. An acrylic one is hardier than an all glass one. Specially in aquarium zones, you can easily break them on the glass sides or even in the calibration solution bottle.

OTOH I am using Hanna Phep4 type meter in my coffee farm for many years, the readings are taken once or twice a year (Soil pH for liming) and it has lasted a long time..

BTW, the price of Hanna is the same here in India.


At 12/02/2005, you wrote:
> Choose one that has a detachable probe that can be replaced.

Thanks, Raj. I don't need one for continuous monitoring but your point about the replaceable probe is a good one. Thanks also to Scott H for off-list comments. I'm leaning towards the Hanna pHep4 pH meter (best price so far US$59 + shipping).

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