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[APD] Vortex

Thanks Scott for your advice.  I'm happy to report that I have retrieved the
rasboras and so far they seem fine, so my fingers are crossed.


Coming back to the vortex.  I am no where near as experienced as most of
your guys out there, but I have been at this for a few years now.  I have to
say that every experience with the damn machine has not been without
incident.  Mostly I end up getting soaked, occasionally I have blasted water
over the electrics and I have coated everything I own (including the poor
fish) with wet and dry diatomaceous earth more times than I can shake a
stick at.  I have now resorted to attaching the hoses with galvanized metal
hose clips (jubilee clips to my fellow brits), so I have cut down somewhat
on the dousing.  Over the years on this list I have seen some big names on
this list disparage of similar experiences, so I know it's not the easiest
piece of equipment to deal with.  Is there a better alternative these days.


I've been off list for an extended spell, so I apologise if this has been a
recent discussion.


JC in Calgary


PS:  I just bought my first Cladophora ball.  Do I need a mummy and a daddy
ball to get baby balls, or do I just break one up into little balls?

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