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Re: [APD] RE: Acidity and nutrient uptake

> various pH levels and hardness levels. Basically, all plants prefer high
> levels of hardness, but a maximum pH of around 8 - I know she did
> something with low pH as well, but since my water comes out of the tap at
> pH 8.6, that wasn't relevant for me.

This sounds interesting, tho' quite technical for the chemistry-challenged among us, myself included. So let me dumb this thread down a bit ...

My tapwater pH=7, gH=7, kH=2.5-3.
- If plants do better at a higher levels of hardness, how do you
  define hardness (gH and/or kH)?
- what are the optimum levels of gH and kH for plant growth?
- what kinds of additives do you recommend for people with soft
  tapwater for increasing hardness? I use baking soda to increase
  kH (enough to maintain pH=7 in a CO2-injected tank). Should
  I be dosing a additive to increase gH as well?


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