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Re: [APD] Re: ah supply reflectors

>I'm really interested in this comment because looking at my 65 watt CF 6700k
>tube and my 39 watt t5 tube's reflection and directly (both are new tubes)
>the 39 watt 'looks' much brighter and stronger. OK it's not a scientific
>approach but I've also read somewhere (amoungst my 100's of aquarium
>bookmarks) that T5's produce more lumens (?) than regular t8's and t12's and
>if a Cfis one bent into 1/2 then shouldn't the 65watt tube be 'brighter'
>than my 39 watt? Or is the 6500k vs 6700k is where the difference is from?

You need to measure the light not just say "oh, that looks bright".

GE has some excellent online charts that show initial and average
lumens from all their tubes.


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