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Re: [APD] re: Cannister filters in series

Centrifugal pumps don't mind being run in series -- it's a
way to get more pressure without buying a stronger modle of
pump and provides some extra security that you're waterline
flow won't go dead due to pump failure. 

However, if one filter adds so much flow resistance that
there is so little water flow that you get cavitation in
the other filter, then you could overheat that motor --
more likely you'll just get a lot of racket for years to
come or until you change the setup ;-)  .

Offsetting the increased resitance each pump will "see"
when put in series is the increased pressure from running
centrifs in series. But the pressures are so low to start
with, in balance you probably won't see much improvement or
reduction in pressure. With both pumps in parallel you get
higher water total flow.

If you did get higher water pressure, you might find the
mechanical media slightly less effective as the higher
pressure forces more stuff between the cracks, so to speak,
but the presssures are so low to start with, it's not very

--- Billionzz at aol_com wrote:

> I have 2 Eheims a 2026 and a 2028, do you think that they
> could be ran  in 
> series if I went thru the 2026 first and left the motor
> off, then ran the  motor 
> on the 2028 which pumps a little more water than then
> 2026.
> The reason I am asking if this would work is because if I
> took the return  
> hose for the 2026 out of the tank with the motor off I
> think it would siphon the 
>  water out of the tank. That same pressure would be going
> into the 2028 just 
> as  if it was the original intake line.
> Any thoughts on whether this would work?
> Bill
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