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[APD] Needle Valve / Metering Valve for CO2

WARNING: Very Technical

Either I'm getting old, or the APD archives are getting harder to search, but I'm in need of some guidance. I recently gave my nephew my CO2 setup, as he's interested in plants.

So, now I need to replace it.

I have ordered a BOC Regulator, Model 81 Series (Dual Stage, Deluxe General Purpose Brass Regulator - Model 810CGA320 for CO2).
Body: Forged Brass
Max Inlet Pressure: 3,000 PSIG
Diaphram: 316 Stainless Steel
Delivery Pressure Range: 4-50 PSIG
Delivery Pressure Guage: 0-100 PSIG
Cylinder Pressure Guage: 0-3000 PSIG

Total overkill for our purposes, I know, but it will mean that I never have to worry about "end of tank dumping".

Metering Valve: One of the following:
Parker HR-1 Metering Valve
HOKE Micro-mite Forged Metering Valves: 1600 Series
NUPRO B-SS2-VH Brass 1/8" metering valve with vernier handle

From what I have been able to determine online, the Parker HR-1 is the most
precise, the HOKE is a close second, with the Nupro valve coming in 3rd place (it doesn't allow for total shut-off).

CO2 delivery manifold:
Here, I am a bit confused.
Aquabotanic sells a 4Plex Manifold which apparently has built-in needle valves. Could this be used down-stream from a higher quality metering valve to distribute CO2 to multiple aquariums? Or would I need separate metering valves for each additional aquarium?

So, what to the Tech Gurus have to say?

James Purchase

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