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RE: [APD] Flourish cloudy water

.>>>What I found interesting was
my iron. I use a Seachems test  kit. I tested and found no measurable iron so
I began adding one capful 3 x a  week. Checked again, no trace. The following
week I added 1 capful for 4 days  in a row, measured and no trace so I added
2 capfuls the following 2 days and  finally got a measurement. So that was
like 8 capfuls or about 40 mls or  flourish iron. Not sure if I have to keep
adding this amount or not, if so I  need to find another source of iron other
than  Flourish.<<<<
My iron test kit is the same way I always seen to have low readings. I  
haven't added as much as you but I would add more if I had an idea of where to  
I'm wonder how high you could go before it no longer had a positive  effect?
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