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Re: [APD] Re: rotting Ludwigia

At 07:03 PM 2/11/2005 -0000, you wrote:
>You posted a link to pictures of Ludwigia.  Also on that site are some
>algae pictures.  Including what I have in my aquarium at present.  Am I
>correct in thinking this is staghorn algae?  If so what are the main
>causes, so I can prevent it in future, and what would be the best way to
>eradicate it?

Yeah that's it. I have finally eradicated it after 7 years. I could
make it go dormant and you'd not know it's there with lots of water changes
but it always came back.

Aquarium Pharmecuticals "Algae fix" kills it as does H202. The former 
is lethal to invertebreates the latter is merely dangerous if used 
in too high a dose.

It took me several months to eradicate it. 


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