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Re: [APD] Re: rotting Ludwigia

>The stems are turning dark the leaves are becoming colourless from the
>inside out.
>The other plants still seem happy though.  But I'll look at dosing some more.
>What whould you suggest as being better source of CO2 ?

For what? Nice to have but you absolutely don't need it to grow ludwigia.

Dollars to donuts you have a bunch of emersed stems, not stems that
were grown submersed. THey will die a the top then send out strong
vigorous growth from the rooted bits. I assume you're talking about
repens here, this one:


Of all the stem plants I've had this one seems to do the best
in low light and goes absolutely bezerk under high light - all
without co2.

L. galdulosus is docyumeted as being "very difficult" and that's
not what I've found. While it's a bit slower growing I have no
difficulty with the (spectacular) plant whatsoever.



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