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[APD] Re: rotting Ludwigia

>My bough new plants a week ago and all i going well
>except for the ludwigia.

>There crowns seems to be rotting away. I dose PMDD,
>te tank is 100gal, 170W light, CO2 from a Chinese
>version the Carbo plus units. Temp 28.

Is the plant turning black?  I've seen this before on
rare occasions with my brevipes even though it does
very well most of the time.  I'm pretty sure it has to
do with a shortage of micronutrients.  I bumped up my
Flourish dosage and the problem went away.  

I'd also suggest you make sure your nitrate and
phosphate levels are in line.  A better co2 system
wouldn't hurt either.  

Cavan Allen  

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