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RE: [APD] Flourish cloudy water

Subject: RE: [APD] Flourish cloudy water

Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting back with me.

I could cut back but if anything I would like to try a little more. I was
hoping to find out what the cause of this is.

A chemical reaction? algae bloom?  whatever.
I can't believe this happens to everyone.


I had recently redone my 77g tank with Flourite and prior to that I was
dosing PMDD and adding some extra KN03 when required. Although I had a bit
of BBA I was pruning and keeping things  under control and had very little
BGA. I switched to Flourite substrate and began dosing from a recommendation
Tom Barr had made to me some time ago which amoung other things was 15-20
mls of Flourish 3 x week. I went through several weeks of green water blooms
and finally ordered a diatom filter and a UV sterilizer which took care of
that issue. The water is so nice a crystal clear after using either of those
tools however as you mention a slight cloudiness seems to return. Cutting
back dosing seems to have helped with the BGA but perhaps I should also try
the other way and see what happens. I know that to keep my KN03 in the 5-10
ppm I need to dose 1/2 tsp at least 3x a week. What I found interesting was
my iron. I use a Seachems test kit. I tested and found no measurable iron so
I began adding one capful 3 x a week. Checked again, no trace. The following
week I added 1 capful for 4 days in a row, measured and no trace so I added
2 capfuls the following 2 days and finally got a measurement. So that was
like 8 capfuls or about 40 mls or flourish iron. Not sure if I have to keep
adding this amount or not, if so I need to find another source of iron other
than Flourish. It seems to be a constant tinkering with dosing for me. I
keep my PH around 6.6 and CO2 around 30PPM.


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