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[APD] Crinum calamistratum care

Fellow APG'ers

I recently picked up a healthy looking Crinum calamistratum and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences caring for these wonderful plants?

A fellow from another list suggested gently raking the sides of the bulb with a fork to stimulate bulblet formation. Has anyone else tried this? Any success?

Here's what's happening in my tank:

Right now I have it planted in a 8cm deep sandy substrate bottom, buried up to the bottom of the bulb (most of it is exposed). I also have lots of Trumpet Snails to turn the substrate.

Fertilisation is DIY liquid fert. mix (mix of trace elements, a bit of chelated iron, bit of epsom salt) once a week, and dissolved potassium sulphate every two weeks after a water change.

Lighting is two 30W fluoros, one PowerGlow, and the other a NEC Tri-Phosphor, situated about 30cm above the substrate.

pH ranges a bit, but usually is around the 6.4 mark. I try to keep the temperature in the 26-30 range.

CO2 is the DIY yeast reactor method fed into the base of the outflow hose of my canister filter, although I have to put in an airstone to keep my fish happy during the hotter parts of summer (like right now!)

kH is around 30ppm
making my CO2 around 20ppm, even with an airstone! - is this possible? Without CO2 my pH rises to about 8, due to our buffered tap water.
gH around 110ppm

Any comments or suggestions on how to keep my Crinum happy?

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