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[APD] NaHC03 and salinity.

Fisher Scientific, www.fishersci.com
Potassium Acid Carbonate 
F.W. 100.12 

0.5 kg is $50 for ACS grade (which is fine) or USP pharmaceutical grade for
$56 bucks. Split it with your plant club friends

Arm and Hammar baking soda, 75c a box and weekly 1/3 water changes. Looks
like baking soda is the clear winner, and if you do your water changes, the
Na+ buildup is neglible for the plants and probably beneficial for fish
unless you have really hard water already.

Chris wrote:

Only problem is, does anyone know a good source of cheap KHCO3? I never did
get an answer to that question. Does anyone know if KHCO3 is used over
NaHCO3 in commercial products?

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