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[APD] Re: ah supply reflectors

Hello everyone, thx for responding,

I was considering a DIY mini project with acutally just putting the t5
fixtures + light tubes in a white
PVC tube cut into 1/ 2 and the inside taped with Aluminium tape (I've got
some lying around) vs purchasing a reflector. Which made me re-consider the
option of searching for a reflector saving some $ and maybe buying another
one of those t5 fixtures (it's $35 CND for 39watt HO 6500K light +
fixture... Pretty cheap considering that it's aroudn $30 USD for the
ahsupply reflector, it's a 3' tank for 4' 54watt version it's the same price
$35 CND at my LFS)

Just gathering the facts and trying to get the best solution for my tank


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