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Re: [APD] RE: Acidity and nutrient uptake

Diana Walstad's book has some records of experiments she performed on 
various pH levels and hardness levels.  Basically, all plants prefer high 
levels of hardness, but a maximum pH of around 8 - I know she did 
something with low pH as well, but since my water comes out of the tap at 
pH 8.6, that wasn't relevant for me.  I add vinegar to my water changes to 
reduce the initial pH in order to get things to grow - otherwise the local 
water will kill even Java Fern and Java Moss - after I started adding 
vinegar (acetic acid), I started needing to prune my plants instead of 
having to clean the algae off them - I haven't gotten rid of my algae 
problems yet, but I'm still trying to fill more of my tank with plants.


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> Subject: [APD] Acidity and nutrient uptake
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> Does anyone have any information about Acidity and nutrient uptake.
> Specifically, does very low ph < 4.5 ( co2 ~ 25ppm, KH ~1) have an 
> plant/algae metabolism?
> Ed Hengel
> Carmel, NY

I do not think there is anything specific on pH 4.5 and CO2 at 25ppm.
CO2 obviously changes the uptake characters. Trace metals can become more
toxic to fish.

Plants/algae have the ability to modify and change their internal
environment to maintain homeostasis, so they can adapt to a wide range of
environmental conditions. 
Diatoms are often present in lower pH waters in nature and some BGA's. 
You'll still get nasty algae in high or low pH waters. If plants can grow,
you can bet so can algae.
Generally plants and algae prefer higher pH's, harder waters. They have
more nutrients and carbon. 
I think you'll need to ask what in particular about Plant/lagae metabolism
will be influenced by the low pH and the high CO2 (which are certainly
Why the low pH and KH? 
Tom Barr

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