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Re: [APD] Fluorite/Eco-complete --- where to buy in

Vaughn --

           Thanks for your response. Strange that if Petsmart has it at one location, they don't have it at another (I didn't even see the label for it on the shelf at the Rancho Cordova one, off Zinfandel).  Anyway, I appreciate your response -- I work very close to that one at Watt/Arden, so I'll go there after work. It's probably $24.99, but that's still cheaper(I think) than any other place on the 'net if you include the shipping, plus I don't have to wait a few days. Yes, Capitol Aquarium had nothing in the way of plants, except(i think) root tabs and laterite. The driftwood selection was nice, but it was $9.00/lb!!  I picked up a nice piece of driftwood at Exotic for $4.00/lb. I still can't get over that 1,000 gal aquarium they have at Capitol --- the ~3 clown loaches plus the other large fish, including at least 1 arowana is simply impressive. I've never seen fish that large (or old!). The oldest clown in there they say is about 30 yrs old at least.


-Ryan Ingram

> Ryan, I saw Flourite at Petsmart at Watt and Arden a few days ago. 
> They also had Onyx Sand. I was disappointed to see how little planted 
> aquarium materials Capitol Aquarium had, but oddly enough, they did 
> have corkbark and lots of driftwood.

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