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[APD] Fluorite/Eco-complete --- where to buy in Sacramento, CA area??

Anyone know where I may find Fluorite or Eco? (I'd
rather have Eco, either will do -- beggers can't be
choosers :)

I have checked Exotic Aquarium(sac), Capitol
Aquarium(sac), Petco(Davis), Petsmart(Rancho
Cordova/Sac) with no luck --- none of the places had
any plant-related substrate. I guess they think that
most people prefer  blue, green and hot pink gravel!??

Anyhow, if anyone knows where I can find this within
reasonable driving distance (San Francisco is
borderline-reasonable -- its actually close to 2 hrs
from here).  I just don't want to pay outrageous
shipping charges for such a heavy item. Thanks to all.

Ryan Ingram

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