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RE: [APD] DIY Aqurium Hood

Hiya Chris,

I simply fitted the new 4 x 48 inch fixtures into my existing hood.
That was the only way of improving the light from 2 x 38 watt tubes to 4
x 38 tubes.  Originally I added white paint to the cabinet interior,
subsequently I've added reflectors.

Now these are standard 48" fixtures into a 48" tank hood, and I'll admit
to adding a couple cast aluminium boxes to contain the ballasts and
resistors in order to comply with regulations.

Before you fart around with the local electrical supply you should
ensure your compliance with electrical compliance in whatever state you

Unless you comply with the UL (a testing lab set up by insurers) you are
likely to have major problems in the event of a claim.  You probably
should also be certified by whatever electrical authority governs your

I'm just putting these problems in writing so that you understand that
they exist.  

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I'm looking to build a wooden top for my aquarium that hinges open in
the middle. I'd like to increase the amount of light in my tank up from
1.69watt/gal and currently it's the only way I can see to do it. 
Currently I just have an All-Glass 110watt 36" fixture on the top. I'll
likely go with ahsupply for CF lighting into the 3-4watt/gal range.

I've found a few DIY links online, but still looking for the most
comprehensive directions I can find, as I am not a carpenter. Also, my
stand is made of particle board covered with a black wood grain veneer,
which I think will be hard to match. Any ideas?  There is a definite
wife factor that the end product must pass.

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