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[APD] club forum needs help

Hi everyone, I am calling all hobbiests for your help!
Our local club is in it's infancy and we need more
traffic on our forum to generate interest. We get tons
of guest hits right now but few sign on to our board
because it seems to be only the same 4 folks having
discussions and if we try to generate more topics we
just look like we are padding the forum (or worse we
look like a bunch of gabby know it alls!!!) if any of
you have the time to sign onto our forum and generate
a few posts it would help our club tremendously and
would certainly be apreciated. Here is the link:
our club meets every 3rd Thursday and we would love to
have anyone close enough to visit come see us! We also
need guest speakers at this time- contact Jamie via
the forum email for more info.
Heartfelt Thanks in advance...

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