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[APD] AH Supply Lighting vs Coralife Strip Lighting Price Comparison

Raymond wrote:

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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 18:06:32 -0800
From: "Raymond Wong" <rwong2k at telus_net>
Subject: [APD] AH Supply Reflectors
To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

Has anyone used or ordered frm AH Supply their reflectors? Or would you guys
recommend any sources online for reflectors for T5 lighting.

And any references online about how reflectors help? Or would purchasing
another tube/ballast be better in terms of increasing light?



I have a 2 x 36 watt 6700K setup with the wooden enclosure from AH Supply.
Nice stuff, good customer service, etc. It was lighting a 20" wide Oeanic 30
gallon cube. I've had it for a couple years and forgot what I paid for it.

I recently added two more 30 cubes to the system, with each of the now three
tanks connected by a clear PVC water bridge all serviced by one Eheim
cannister filter. So I needed lighting for each additional tank, but not CO2
or a pH controller, since they all share common water

I did some comparison shopping and was surprised by what I found.

>From the AH Supply Website I priced out exactly what I had before. This is
what you'd need for a complete 20" fixture:

2 x 36 Watt Bright Kit                   $62.99 (ballast, endcaps, wiring,
Two 36 watt 6700K CF Bulbs      $31.98
      ($15.99 each)
Finished 20" Wooden Enclosure     $29.99

                  Shipping: (approx)        $10.00

                                        Total:     $134.96

>From the website of Marine and Reef:


I purchased the Coralife Aqualight 96 watt quad strip in the 6700K for $93 +
$8 shipping, total $101. This is 20" long, anodized aluminum housing,
plexiglass splash lens, enclosed electronic ballast, bulb included, with two
electonic cooling fans. Pure plug and play.

Different lengths at similar savings.

Now let's see:

Beautifully finished Coralife unit, more light, cooling fans, no work by me:

AH Supply unit, put together with all work done by me, ballast screwed to
the back of the canopy or mounted to the tank stand. Works well but no
comparison in fit and finish or sleek looks to the Coralife light: $134.

You do the math.

I bought two of the Coralife units. Fantastic product, as is the AH Supply
light, except no work by me and the unit looks so slick. The dual cooling
fans and the plexi splashguard are a nice bonus as well. Multiple MO sites
list the Coralife units at around $100, so you probably wouldn't pay more
than that for it anywhere. It is on sale at the site I listed above.

This is strictly a price comparison. I'm sure the quality of light from the
actual bulbs is similar. Anyone who buys without comparison shopping does
themselves a disservice.


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