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[APD] leaves turning white

I seem to have at least temporarily fixed my dwarf chain sword's leaves from turning white. I transplanted them to my main 55 gallon tank and they almost immediately have started turning green again. This tank is actually much lower light, about 1/2 watt per gallon. The water is also somewhat acidic from the peat granules I use in the filter system, hovering somewhere in between 6.6/6.8. The fish load is a lot higher too, about 10 medium size fish plus a small assortment of malaysian trumpet snails. I've also been dosing this tank with Flourish. I'm thinking about just springing for some java moss (there are tiny bits already growing that came along for the ride when I bought my shrimp) to put in the shrimp tank instead of trying to transplant anything back into that tank.

I know the dwarf chain swords are medium light plants, but do you think they will at least hang on with this low amount of light? I also have some micro sword in the 55 gallon tank that although isn't spreading, has been hanging in there and has nice green leaves. Neither tank has CO2, btw. If I do add CO2, I'd only be able to spring for something like the Hagen CO2 unit. A full CO2 setup is prohibitive expensive to add on to the tank.

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