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[APD] PMDD solution looks green!

Hi all,

Today I finally made my own PMDD solution. I followed the recipe from www.thekrib.com. The first "problem" is that the chelated trace mix I used is not from CSM (B/regular), they are nowhere to be found here in Europe btw. The second thing is that it's about 2 years old but it's always kept in dry, dark, room temperature condition.

A quick comparison:
            CSM Regular |CSM+B Mix |Tenso cocktail (all EDTA, only Bo and Mo has no chelate and some of FE is in DTPA)
Fe         7.00%             6.53%         3.84%
Mn         2.00%             1.87%         2.57%
Mg         1.50%             1.40%         0%
Zn         0.40%             0.37%         0.53%
Cu         0.10%             0.09%         0.53%
Mo         0.05%             0.05%         0.13%
B            0.00%             1.18%        0.52%
Co         0.00%             0.00%           0%
Ca         0.00%             0.00%         2.57%

So the trace mix I use has 5 times more Cu, and a lot more Ca, has allmost 2 times less Fe, no Mg and looks like this :

Shouldn't PMDD looks yellow/brownish just like Dupla24? The trace mix I use has somewhat different proportions of elements then the CSM one, is this a problem?

Hendra N

ps: how can I read messages instantly without having to wait for the daily digest?
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