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[APD] re: Cannister filters in series

(Jim wrote)
I am adding a Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter to my 2 year old 125
gallon planted tank and I am trying to figure out if I should connect it
in-line with my Eheim 2217 or on its own.  I will run the Magnum with the
pleated micron filter in it all the time.

The main issue you may have is whether there could be damage to either of
the pump heads. I am very familiar with and have used both filters you speak

The Magnum will push more water than the 2217, as you probably know. With
externat/internal return pumps on sump systems you can always ball valve the
return side of the pump without damaging the pump motor. Eheim cannisters
are the same. Flow control clamps sold by Eheim are always on the return
side. With the 2217 first, you would effectively be limiting the amount of
water the 350 could pull into it's intake, possibly burning out or
shortening the life of the pump. It probably effects proper cooling of the
pump head.

With the 350 first you would not have the issues of starving either
cannister for proper intake flow rate, but you would be limited to the
output rate of the 2217, cancelling any benefit from the higher return rate
of the 350.

If it were me, I'd use each of the filters separately.


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