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RE: [APD] Substrate

G'day All,

Well it finally happened.

After more than 30 years of keeping our fishie friends in planted tanks,
I work up this morning to 50+ carcases and 10-15 very ill looking fish.

The tanks pH was unmeasurable - even after 3 x 90 % water changes the pH
was under 6.0 which is the limit for my test kit. Kh was still at 5.

What did it?   Little 18 month old Alexander who loves to help daddy
feed the fish is the answer.   He decided a bubble a second was not
enough and turned the CO2 up full throttle which in this case managed to
turn the tank into a tank of carbonic acid overnight.

My mistake expecting he would never find the teeny little knob.

Very unhappy Fish Keeper.

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