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[APD] New leaves are white

I bought a couple "narrow leaf chain sword" plants at the LFS a couple weeks ago but the new growth all seems to be turning white. They are in my 10 gallon "shrimp tank" that contains 8 shrimp and 1 betta. The light is the standard dinky 15watt, which should at least meet the minimum 1.5watts per gallon rule of thumb. The water is higher in pH (around 7.4). I've used 2 doses of Flourish since I got the plants, but I am weary of putting more since the last time I used it one of my newly molted shrimp died the next day. Also, some of the old growth around the edge was dead when I got them. The shrimp have been picking at the dead leaves, but seem more interested in the algae growing on them. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Should I trim the dead leaves?

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