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[APD] plants for a 5gal

i have a 5g tank with a soil substrate, 20watt light and a box filter,
 i have it fully planted but the only plants i can get local grow
right out of the tank, they are honnestly growing almost 1" a day its
crazy full of plant in there right now. i currently have vals javafern
amazon sword and some that almost look like cherry tree leaves.
im looking to order in some small plants that would look good, i dont
really like the look of stemplants so i dont really want anyof
those,,, even tho red ones do look good,
i have bronze corys, neons, and ammano shrimp, and im going to add a
couple other small fish im open to suggestions on them too.
oh ya
ph 7
kh 80ppm
gh 100ppm
i havent tested anything else in a while as im having no problems with
growth and fish are doing good.
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