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[APD] Re: Eclipse kits for planted tanks

Has anyone used Eclipse kits for planted tanks?  What are the
positives and limitations?  How is the light intensity?

I have two different types of Eclipse setups in my collection.

I adore the Eclipse System 3 tanks--3G tanks with a 6W bulb that is close enough to the substrate to propagate some moderately-high-light requiring plants. I have gotten slow but very good growth in them without CO2 or much algae problem. I use them now mostly as fry and quarantine tanks. I also have set up a couple of them as gifts--for an office desk, and for a 5 year old boy. Both are doing well with slower-growing plants.

I have some Eclipse 3 kits over 29G tanks, and there is not enough light in the base kits for anything but low light plants and slow growth. I added an extra 33W bulb to these kits--you can see the "retrofit" on my web site--and with that plus CO2 I can grow a good variety of plants, and propagate some very happy fish.

I also have a stack of 12G nano cube tanks, and they will grow darn near anything with a little CO2. I get more bang from less CO2. If I keep the ultra weeds from shading them out, I can even get some neat reds going. But I have to prune pretty regularly; I got lazy for a couple of months and lost some delicate plants.

Your aquascaping mileage may vary, of course.

Diane Brown in St. Louis


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