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[APD] RE: More accepted 20 years from now

> From: "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>

> >This led me to wonder which of today's near state-of-the-art ideas will
> >become generally accepted practices in 20 years,

> More large groups of killifish in planted tanks. 

If you have not tried it, I highly suggest it.
They bred, they are colorful, they are tough, you can mail the eggs, they
make a nice group of fish.
You also find them in heavily planted ecosystems. 
They work great in nano tanks and is larger tanks as a main theme.
They have a wide array of vivid colors.
Millions of species, well maybe not that many......

Why do the same old Cardinal or Rasbora thing?
Try something new that's not in a lot of LFS's. 

Some will eat Amano shrimp though, even a small 1.5-2 inch fish. Vicious
little beast. Many species will not though, especially if fed well. 

Tom Barr 

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