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[APD] Re: Temperature for moss

> My 75 gallon tank runs at 84F all year round, the moss (not sure of 
> the 
> variety) I had in there doubled its mass every 2 weeks.
> Light is more important than temperature.
> -- 
> Craig Morrison

Thanks for your reply, Craig.  A few years ago, when I tried Java Moss,
obtained from a LFS, it died out. This happened 3 or 4 times before I
gave up.  Once it came back after disappearing, only to disappear again.
The one time I obtained Christmas moss (obtained from Loh Kwek Leong in
Singapore), it also died out.  I read on a website today that these
plants die at 82 degrees, which is the temperature that my tank runs on,
year round.  But now you say that you have a moss that does well at an
even higher temp.  One problem my tank had in those days, now corrected,
was poor circulation, so maybe that was the true problem.  As for light,
I had two 20W bulbs and one 15W bulb. Just about a month ago, I added one
more 15W bulb.  So I have 70 Watts over a 20 gal. high.  I'd like to try
again, if I can find some.

Jim Newville
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