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Re: [APD] Help, please

32W is pretty lean lighting for a 70g. I'd want at least
about 3 times that much.

The 32W is a T8, i.e. about 48"? You could probably fit a
pair of 55W PCs or surely a 96w PC in the hood. Should be
an easy conversion with an AHSupply.com kit.

The sand, if it is any finer than the Fluorite, will
probably work its way to the bottom over a short time.

IF the sand is finer, then you might try Onyx Sand, which
is finer than Flourite, for the substrate layer instead of
Flourite and you might keep the play sand on top that way.

The plants you suggest sound good for a start but try diff
things and see what likes the tank and your routines.

Scott H.
--- "auntie_fran at netzero.net" <auntie_fran at netzero.net>

> I'm about to set up a low-light (the tank came with an
> AllGlass 32W Aquarium Bulb), low maintenance 70G tank.  I
> can upgrade the bulb now, but not the fixture.  I'd like
> to have some plants -- Anubias, Crypts, Aponogeton and
> any other low-light plants you'd care to recommend. 
> Substrate will be about 2 1/2" of Flourite at the back,
> tapering to 1" at the front and all topped with
> playground sand.  Inhabitants will be a few gold
> severums, a snowball pleco, and a big shoal of cories (to
> keep the bottom tidy).  I'm open to any and all
> suggestions for plants and future upgrade on the light. 
> Thanks so much for your help.
> Fran
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