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[APD] RE: Actinics and other things to darken (or lighten)

"I have used actinic power compact lamps over planted tanks in the past, and those lights gave the tank and plants such an unnatural looking hue that I took them off after just a couple days."

David - How many of what size CF over what size tank did you try? I'm trying to get down to just two 96W CF lamps over a 90 gallon, so that would be four tubes at two tubes per lamp. If I use one 6700K lamp (two tubes) and one 10,000K/Actinic combo, that would be roughly a 3:1 ratio of daylight to actinic when counting individual tubes.

"A blue LED moon light after lights out gave me the same reaction as using actinics/daylight bulbs in the daytime. Great for a reef, but just wrong for a plant tank."

I assumed the same thing and ordered white LED moonlights here: http://autolumination.com/fixtures.htm


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