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Re: [APD] Re: Actinics and other things to darken (or lighten) your life

Less light is usually easy to accomplish -- smaller or
fewer bulbs ;-)

Actinic bulbs are usually designed to have a pronounced
output in a very specific and narrow region of the light
spectrum, which is not the same as having a high output in
other parts of the spectrum. As far as providing some
missing element of the spectrum, I think someone already
posted that the broadspectrum bulbs generally have plenty
of blue.

Some so-called actinics don't really give of actinic light
but are just very blue. Play around until you get what you
like visually. Odds are your plants won't mind one way or
the other, except that they will demand more nutrients at
higher light levels, and if given the nutrients, will grow
faster. And if not given the nutrients, you might find
algae a-comin'.  So switching to a darker bulb or an
actinic might make your tank less touchy about nutrients
and algae.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> "The biggest problem wtih actinics is the lack of output,
> unless 
> you'ave got too much light already, then swapping to an
> actining 
> can help things seem to clean up."
> Yeah, this is the effect I'm looking for. I've seen
> 'dark' tanks 
> with actinics on them, so I guess my question is, is that
> big 
> blue spike in the spectrum really growing anything in a 
> freshwater planted tank? When you say 'lack of output'
> are you 
> talking about visible brightness, or PAR (photoactive
> radiation)? 
> I'm thinking now of not adding it, but replacing one of
> my 6700K 
> or 5000K lamps so the overall effect would be darker in 
> appearance, but still wanting to keep PAR at the same
> level.

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