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[APD] Actinics, 10,000Ks, and Mood.

Googled this post here back in 02/04 titled: Tough Actin' Actinic -- or - Home in the Range:


Then went here to look at some spectrum charts:


I've noticed that some of the LFS are putting either actinic or 10,000K lights over planted tanks, and I kinda like the dark brooding atmosphere it creates. It appears that the Smartlamp at Champion Lighting, combining an actinic with a 10,000K in a dual tube CF would saturate the blue end of the spectrum for chlorophyll production while also providing in the red end. The working assumption being that Hovanec is right when he says:

"Plants have two types of chlorophyll, a and b. Chlorophyll a absorbs light at 405 and 640 nm. Chlorophyll b has a peak absorption at 440 and 620 nm."


If I wanted to create a dark moody "end of the eddy" riverbank look, would adding an actinic/10K lamp actually do anything more than just add heat? I have three slots for 96W CF lamps over a 90 gallon. I'm currently only using two on any sort of regular basis, so I'm tempted.


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