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At 07:34 PM 11/24/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Regarding the current discussion on BGA, the newbie's ought to be reminded 
>that blue-green algae are not plants -they are a type of bacteria which 
>contain chlorophyll. The chloroplasts inside of green plants is actually a 
>cyanobacterium living inside of the plants cells in a symbiotic arrangement.
>Depriving them of light might reduce their numbers but it won't do anything 
>to totally eradicate them from a tank. They are everywhere and if an 
>aquarium is well maintained, ought not to cause a problem
>Learn how to grow plants, and you will find that your algae issues will 
>lessen. Instant answers are not the way to becoming a successful aquatic 

Yup. 37 years later I'm close to getting the hang of it.



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