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Regarding the current discussion on BGA, the newbie's ought to be reminded that blue-green algae are not plants -they are a type of bacteria which contain chlorophyll. The chloroplasts inside of green plants is actually a cyanobacterium living inside of the plants cells in a symbiotic arrangement.

Depriving them of light might reduce their numbers but it won't do anything to totally eradicate them from a tank. They are everywhere and if an aquarium is well maintained, ought not to cause a problem

Learn how to grow plants, and you will find that your algae issues will lessen. Instant answers are not the way to becoming a successful aquatic gardener.

Oh, and all of those beautiful Amano photographs of tanks with no visible algae, have more than likely been extensively worked over (the tanks, not the photos). Its like a woman going to the hairdresser and hiring a makeup artist before a photo session.

James Purchase

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