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Re: [APD] RE: the BarrReport.com/Hydroponics

> Unfortunately, the online sources I visited don't list
> ingredients in their colorfully named products. But I suspect
> they've invented this wheel a few times already.

I have done some hydroponic growing of plants with the Flora series. 
I don't have the base ingredient list with me, but here is a basic
nutrient breakdown.  I actually used this to generate a spread sheet
for DIY hydroponic formulation using PPMD supplies and NH4NO3 :-D

	Flora Grow	Flora Micro	Flora Bloom
N	 2.00 	 	5.00 	 	-   
K (K2O)	 6.00 	 	1.00 	 	4.00 
P (P2O5) 1.00 	 	-   	 	5.00 
Fe	 -   	 	0.10 	 	-   
S	 -	 	-   	 	1.00 
Ca	 -   	 	5.00 	 	-   
Mg	 0.50 	 	-   	 	1.50
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